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In the year 2093, Earth has descended into a wasteland scorched by the Earth’s core. The greed of the world’s elite prevented us slowing down climate change - with large fossil fuel conglomerates choosing money over our planet’s future. This lead to a cataclysmic event known as ‘The Scorch’, with the Earth’s core becoming overheated and launching volcanic like explosions across the planet - destroying huge swathes of land, killing billions, and making large parts of the planet uninhabitable. The wealthy 1% now occupy the world’s only safe zone, continuing to live their glutinous lives like nothing ever happened, and preventing the 99% from the same privileges. 

There is some hope though, The Scorch unwittingly gave birth to a new breed of human - Pyrohumans. With their newly bestowed powers, the Pyropack as they are now known, are banding together to take down the elite and establish equality on our planet.

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What is pyroworld?

Pyroworld is a NFT gaming, launchpad and lottery cryptocurrency with a core ethos centred around providing true value and multiple revenue streams to holders. Pyroworld is built to change the way both crypto and business is done. 

The game will provide multiple revenue streams via P2E and NFT value. The private sale launchpad will be the first of it's kind, offering insurance against scams specifically for eligible Pyro holders, whilst every other element of the project is designed to deliver returns to holders.

NFT Gaming

2D NFT's.png

Collect your favourite characters - play - earn - trade


Merging crypto and real world branding and sharing profits with holders


the first insured launchpad, hold pyro to get allocations


Giving holders 2 chances to win every week


the alliance

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listed on

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P y r o a d m a p

Phase 1

• Website & Telegram launch ✓
• Social media launch ✓
• First NFT's minted ✓
• Pyromaniac charity event ✓
• Paid marketing ✓

Phase 4

• PyroPad 1st project 

• Pyroworld comic book

• Pyrowear launch

• Pyroworld action figures
• NFT marketplace launch

Phase 2

• Shilling competition 
• Partnerships 

• First NFT drop 

• First lottery draw 
• First charity donation 
• Audit 
• Community contests 
• AMA's on major platforms 

Phase 5

• PyroPack physical cards

• PyroFoundation launch

• Comic-Con 2022
• NFT game Beta

Phase 3

• Exchange listing 
• List on CMC 
• List on Coin Gecko 

• Staking vaults 

• NFT gaming card 1st drop 

• PYRO/BNB portal on website 
• Token buybacks/burns 

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M e e t  t h e  t e a m




Cryptocurrency veteran, with a marketing background, that leads both the creative and technical elements of the project.

manny2 (1).jpg



Business development specialist responsible for the aquisition of strategic partnerships and commercial business.



NFT Artist

Experienced character artist responsible for fulfilling briefs for all PyroPack characters.