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Beware of scams & copycats!

Our contract address is:


Our Telegram group is:

@pyroworldofficial - Only use the links on our website!


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Our partners

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Superheroes saving the world - sound familiar? Think again. This isn’t fiction. Our NFT superheroes will bring order to the cryptosphere. The pyropack exist in a broken world, distorted by the greed of the 1%. Having been shaped by their own personal experiences, the Pyropack heroes have banded together to address the world's inequalities.

Pyroworld is aimed at helping the 99% via real utility including: a safe launchpad, sharing business profits with our holders, weekly lotteries, NFT gaming and sales that feed back into the token, and charity donations.



Using sales revenue for buybacks & gaming


Giving holders 2 chances to win every week


Merging crypto and real world branding


Exclusive access to trusted presales

pyroange background_edited_edited.jpg

P Y R O P A C K - N F T ' s

P y r o s h i
Special ability: teleportation

P y r o g i r l
Special ability: Super strength

Pyrogirl cutout website HQ.png

Having forged an unlikely alliance through their shared hardships, the PyroPack misfits quickly began putting their special abilities to use, helping charities across the world combat the problems that they once faced.

pyroshi cutout.png
Pyroadmap desktop FINAL.png

P y r o a d m a p

Phase 1

• Website & Telegram launch ✓
• Social media launch ✓
• First NFT's minted ✓
• Pyromaniac charity event ✓
• Paid marketing ✓

Phase 4

• PyroPad launch

• PyroPack action figures

• Pyrowear launch

• Website redevelopment

• Pyro App
• NFT marketplace launch

Phase 2

• Shilling competition 
• Partnerships 

• First NFT drop 

• First lottery draw
• First charity donation 
• Audit 
• Community contests 
• AMA's on major platforms 

Phase 5

• PyroPack physical cards

• PyroFoundation launch

• Comic-Con 2022
• Trading card game

Phase 3

• Exchange listing
• List on CMC 
• List on Coin Gecko 

• Pyropack comic book

• NFT gaming card 1st drop

• PYRO/BNB portal on website
• Token buybacks/burns

pyroange background_edited_edited.jpg

P y r 0 n o m i c s

Supply: 500,000,000

Liquidity locked for 1 year

buy tax - 12%

sell tax - 16%

Golden hour

Everyday, there will be an hour with 0% buy tax. Following launch week this will change to 3 times per week.

Gold icon.png

Anti Dump

At launch, sell tax will be set at 28% to prevent dumping. This will be reduced by 2% daily until we reach 16% sell tax.

pngegg (1).png

nft sales

15% of all NFT sales go directly to the buyback wallet, whilst another 10% goes to the charity wallet.

nft icon.png

Anti bot measures

Pyroworld will have 99% tax for the first few blocks, no buys for the first 5 blocks, plus a max holder percentage to prevent sniper bots.

antibot icon.png
shutterstock_1386237851 (1).png

T o k e n  d i s t r i b u t i o n

Team tokens
Locked. The team receives 10% of supply.

Locked. Marketing is king in crypto. We want to ensure we provide as much exposure as possible for Pyroworld and by starting with a large fund we'll ensure sustainability and continued marketing.

marketing airdrop

Locked. Will be used to increase exposure for pyro via bounty campaigns.

0.8% unlocked at launch. The remaining tokens will be locked.

future burns

Locked. Burns will be initiated once certain milestones are reached.

Staking / reserves

Locked. These tokens will be used to provide rewards for staking pools, and for future endeavours related to the Pyro app.

pyroange background_edited_edited.jpg

M e e t  t h e  t e a m




Cryptocurrency veteran, with a marketing background, that leads both the creative and technical elements of the project.

Hasan Crop_edited_edited.jpg


Graphic Designer

Established designer with experience working alongside one of the world’s largest media companies. Also Ali's twin.

manny2 (1).jpg



Business development specialist responsible for the aquisition of strategic partnerships and commercial business.

PyroKy (1).jpg


Community Manager

Cryptocurrency specialist with
an acute understanding of social media strategies for the cryptocurrency market.



3D Modeller

Professional 3D modeller with industry leading experience that will be responsible for bringing our characters to life.



NFT Artist

Experienced character artist responsible for fulfilling briefs for all PyroPack characters.


how to buy

step 1

  • Buy BNB on Binance, Kucoin or whatever your preferred exchange is.

step 2

  • Create a Binance Smart Chain wallet on Metamask (PC) or Trust wallet (mobile).

  • Send your BNB to your new wallet address on Metamask or Trust Wallet. Your BNB will arrive in your wallet within 1-5 minutes.

step 3

  • Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap, go to exchange and in the 'from' section choose BNB. In the 'to' column you must paste our contract address then click import.

  • Alternatively, you can click HERE which will take you directly to this page with our token ready to buy.

step 4

  • Type the amount of BNB you want to spend.

  • Change slippage to 12-18%.

  • Click swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet app.

  • You are now a Pyro holder!